Lebarde Beauty from Alp Mountains of Ancient Colchis

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LEBARDE is a Natural Skincare Beauty Brand. It produces 100% Natural products containing Unique Ingredients – Gold Bee Nectar and Royal Plants grown in the Alp mountains of ancient Colchis, Georgia. 

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LEBARDE Cream has a unique scent of Alp plants and honey. It melts on my skin and nourishes with essentials and I feel positive energy of nature and bees


“I am so happy to find out this magical cream. I could not use eye creams because I had allergic reaction and tears appeared every time using eye creams. Lebarde is the only one cream that is perfect for my skin.”


“This cream has excellent properties. It cleaned my face and now my skin looks so healthy and radiant. The scent is amazing, I feel happy, finally found the perfect cream.”


“Love this cream. It reduced fine lines in just 2 months and the skin is lifted and firmed. It reduced dark circles around my eyes too. This is the best eye cream I have ever used. Healthy and all Natural ingredients.”


“Fantastic Moisturiser. It Smoothes the skin and make it healthy and glowing. The cream is ideal for the whole face. It reduced my fine lines and improved elasticity. I highly recommend this product to all my friends.”



About Lebarde Beauty 


Nature and Bees

Bees declared to be the most important living being on Earth, 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees. Georgia is the country where the first bees were buzzing. Archaeologists discovered the oldest Honey in Georgia and Scientists claim that honey is over 5,500 years old…

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