Lebarde Natural Eye Cream 15ML


Natural Eye Cream  contains unique ingredients – Nectar of 3 Gold medal winning Bees and Endemic plants from the Alp mountains of ancient Georgia, Colchis.

It is 100% Natural and Healthy, free from artificial chemical, synthetics, and preservatives. The cream is rich in Natural Vitamin A – Retinol.

Natural Retinol helps to boost the production of Collagen

✔ Nourishes with Natural Vitamins and Minerals

✔ Rejuvenates skin cells naturally

✔ Protects from UV rays

✔ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

✔ Reduces dark circles

✔ Improves skin elasticity

✔ Lifts, Tightens, and Firms

✔ Prevents skin aging

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